bookdown - Authoring Books and Technical Documents with R Markdown

Output formats and utilities for authoring books and technical documents with R Markdown.

Last updated 2 days ago


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rmarkdown - Dynamic Documents for R

Convert R Markdown documents into a variety of formats.

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rticles - Article Formats for R Markdown

A suite of custom R Markdown formats and templates for authoring journal articles and conference submissions.

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htmltools - Tools for HTML

Tools for HTML generation and output.

Last updated 1 months ago

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tufte - Tufte's Styles for R Markdown Documents

Provides R Markdown output formats to use Tufte styles for PDF and HTML output.

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profvis - Interactive Visualizations for Profiling R Code

Interactive visualizations for profiling R code.

Last updated 1 years ago

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shinydashboard - Create Dashboards with 'Shiny'

Create dashboards with 'Shiny'. This package provides a theme on top of 'Shiny', making it easy to create attractive dashboards.

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