Package: blastula

Richard Iannone

blastula: Easily Send HTML Email Messages

Compose and send out responsive HTML email messages that render perfectly across a range of email clients and device sizes. Helper functions let the user insert embedded images, web link buttons, and 'ggplot2' plot objects into the message body. Messages can be sent through an 'SMTP' server, through the 'RStudio Connect' service, or through the 'Mailgun' API service <>.

Authors:Richard Iannone [aut, cre], Joe Cheng [aut], Jeroen Ooms [ctb], Ted Goas [cph], Posit Software, PBC [cph, fnd]

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# Install blastula in R:
install.packages('blastula', repos = c('', ''))

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Help pageTopics
The magrittr pipe%>%
Add a file attachment to an email messageadd_attachment
Create an HTML fragment for a CTA buttonadd_cta_button
Create an HTML fragment for an embedded ggplot imageadd_ggplot
Create an HTML fragment for an embedded imageadd_image
Deploy a local image to Imgur and create an image tagadd_imgur_image
Create a string with a more readable date/timeadd_readable_time
Specify the components of an articlearticle
Associate an email when publishing an R Markdown document to RStudio Connectattach_connect_email
The R Markdown 'blastula_email' output formatblastula_email
Default template for 'compose_email()'blastula_template
A block of one, two, or three articles with a multicolumn layoutblock_articles
A block of social sharing icons with linksblock_social_links
A spacer blockblock_spacer
A block of textblock_text
A block with large title textblock_title
An enclosure for all HTML block functionsblocks
Create the email message bodycompose_email
Store SMTP credentials in a filecreate_smtp_creds_file
Store SMTP credentials in the system's key-value storecreate_smtp_creds_key
Helpers for supplying SMTP credentialscredential_helpers creds creds_anonymous creds_envvar creds_file creds_key
Delete all *blastula* credential keysdelete_all_credential_keys
Delete a single *blastula* credential keydelete_credential_key
Get the HTML content of an email messageget_html_str
Interpret input text as Markdown-formatted textmd
Prepare example files for RStudio Connect emailing with R Markdownprepare_rsc_example_files
Prepare a email test message objectprepare_test_message
R Markdown render functions for the 'blastula_email' output formatrender_connect_email render_email
Send an email message through the Mailgun APIsend_by_mailgun
Send an email message through SMTPsmtp_send
Specify the components of a social linksocial_link
Suppress any scheduled emailing in RStudio Connectsuppress_scheduled_email
View all available *blastula* credential keysview_credential_keys