Package: dygraphs

Petr Shevtsov

dygraphs: Interface to 'Dygraphs' Interactive Time Series Charting Library

An R interface to the 'dygraphs' JavaScript charting library (a copy of which is included in the package). Provides rich facilities for charting time-series data in R, including highly configurable series- and axis-display and interactive features like zoom/pan and series/point highlighting.

Authors:Dan Vanderkam [aut, cph], Petr Shevtsov [cre, cph], JJ Allaire [aut], RStudio [cph], Jonathan Owen [aut, cph], Daniel Gromer [aut, cph], Benoit Thieurmel [aut, cph], Kent Laukhuf [ctb], jQuery Foundation [cph], jQuery contributors [ctb, cph]

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dygraphs/json (API)

# Install dygraphs in R:
install.packages('dygraphs', repos = c('', ''))

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Help pageTopics
Annotation for dygraph chartdyAnnotation
dygraph axisdyAxis
Callbacks for dygraph eventsdyCallbacks
Employ a dygraph plotter on a series, a group of series, or the whole dygraphdyBarChart dyBarSeries dyCandlestick dyCandlestickGroup dyErrorFill dyFilledLine dyMultiColumn dyMultiColumnGroup dyShadow dyStackedBarChart dyStackedBarGroup dyStackedLineGroup dyStackedRibbonGroup dyStemSeries Plotters
The dyCrosshair plugin draws a crosshair line over the point closest to the mouse when the user hovers over the graph. It has a "direction" option which is provided in the R wrapper function and then forwarded to the plugin using the "options" argument to dyPlugin.dyCrosshair
CSS for dygraph labels and legenddyCSS
Include a dygraph data handlerdyDataHandler
Add external assets as a dygraph dependencydyDependency
dygraph event linedyEvent
dygraph interactive plot for time series datadygraph
Shiny bindings for dygraphdygraph-shiny dygraphOutput renderDygraph
dygraph exported operators and S3 methods%>% as.yearmon as.yearqtr dygraphs-exports
dygraph series groupdyGroup
dygraph series mouse-over highlightingdyHighlight
dygraph legenddyLegend
dygraph limit linedyLimit
dygraph optionsdyOptions
Include a dygraph plotterdyPlotter
Include a dygraph plugindyPlugin
dygraph interactive range selection and zoomingdyRangeSelector
Rebase data handler for straw broom charts with DygraphdyRebase
dyRibbon plugin adds a horizontal band of colors that runs through the chart. It can be useful to visualize categorical variables ( that change over time (along the x-axis).dyRibbon
dygraph rolling average period text boxdyRoller
dygraph data seriesdySeries
Add series data to dygraphdySeriesData
dygraph region shadingdyShading
The dyUnzoom plugin adds an "Unzoom" button to the graph when it's displaying in a zoomed state (this is a bit more discoverable than the default double- click gesture for unzooming).dyUnzoom